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About Us

For an individual or couple facing infertility, being part of the Jewish community can be very painful. To realize the dream of parenthood, they encounter daunting medical, legal and social challenges that those closest to them cannot fully understand. In their struggle to grow a Jewish family, too often individuals feel alone, overwhelmed and financially and emotionally drained. The Priya Fund was established to ensure no Jewish individual or couple needs to navigate fertility challenges alone. In furtherance of that mission, the Priya fund provides substantial financial, educational and emotional support to individuals and couples within the Jewish communities of Dallas and Kansas communities. Please reach out to us today.

What is Priya Fund

Established and embedded within two Jewish community foundations, The Dallas Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City, our mission is to give financial and emotional support to Jewish families struggling with infertility. While all funds are valued at the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation, we have become recognized as a "key" fund to the Foundation that helps them articulate the value of the support they offer to the community.

Our History

In 2009, the Priya Fund was first established in Dallas, Texas. Since Priya’s inception, an additional Fund has been established in Kansas City. We have raised over $80,000 and helped over a dozen families with the costs of fertility treatments and adoption. Through community education and fundraising, Priya assists families with difficulties during the challenges of building a Jewish family.

Our Mission

To strengthen our Jewish future and ensure its continuity by providing financial, educational and emotional support to Jewish families struggling with the challenges of infertility.

Our Staff

Co-Founded by Annie Glickman and Rabbi David Glickman, our staff is comprised of professionals in both Dallas, Texas and Overland Park, Kansas who, as part of their high level profiles in the Jewish community, have pledged to support the work of Priya.

Our Future

Our Jewish community has the potential to answer many prayers. With your help, we can grow and sustain our Jewish future for many generations to come. If your Jewish community Foundation is interested in establishing a Priya Fund, please contact us.


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